// February 20th, 2008 // News


The Swamp Fox. That’s what they call Tony Joe White. The moniker is true to his roots while suggesting his cunning nature and readiness to surprise anyone. It is with this in mind that Tony Joe White unleashes Deep Cuts, a collection of familiar hits, along with several brand new tracks, all cleverly treated with contemporary beats, loops, and samples that reincarnate Tony Joe’s originals into a modern brand of swampy, breathy blues.

The release date for DEEP CUTS is set for June 10, 2008, with the following track listing:

1. Set The Hook
2. As The Crow Flies
3. Willie And Laura Mae Jones
4. Soul Francisco
5. Run With The Bulls
6. High Sheriff of Calhoun Parrish
7. Aspen, Colorado
8. Homemade Ice Cream
9. Swamp Water
10. Roosevelt and Ira Lee

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